Hótel Hvolsvollur is in close proximity to many of Iceland's most famous natural wonders.

The hotel's location is indeed very convenient for those looking to explore the sheer natural beauty that our country has to offer. The town of Hvolsvöllur has only a population of 1800, but there are still endless things to experience and discover in the area. Below, I have have compiled some of my personal favorite spots, locations and services in the area. Many of these places feel like a big part of home, and at the same time I must admit that I have somewhat started to take Iceland for granted. Regardless, I really respect the nature of Iceland, just like any other Icelander consciously does. The most important thing is remembering to relax, have fun, respect nature and the environment but also to to stay safe while on your adventures!

Have a great time in Iceland!


Receptionist - Hotel Hvolsvöllur

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